Live with Noel – Koffee Disc Jock

Live with Noel – Koffee Disc Jock

Live with Noel is an unpredictable, high-energy, interactive, music, and entertainment program which airs every Tuesdays from 5 to 7pm. This show will be serving you discussions on topics curated by Noel Cunningham varied and a broad range of interests with his sharp humor while provoking thoughts and emotions. He is joined weekly by celebrity friends, comedians, and other special guests. The show also features Noel interacting with his listeners with live calls. Noel will talk about everything from the hottest topics on the street, Whats buzzing on social media, with a dose of fun, topical, current and relevant issues.

About Noel Cunningham 

Noel Cunningham, Chef, food writer and social media raconteur, will be live on the air every Tuesdays giving it to listeners straight. Forget polite conversations, and formalities, Noel is all about sharing what his listeners really want to hear about pop culture, Relationship issues, dating, music and hot topics!

Noel Cunningham is no stranger to the spotlight he is one of Jamaica’s celebrated chef living in Canada.  He has been featured in numerous newspaper, magazine,television, and radio shows both in Canada and Jamaica.

Noel Can also be heard on the Gospel Train every Sunday from 9am to 12 noon.

You can also catch up with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter