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RDX’s Album Launch A Success!

RDX’s Album Launch A Success!

The Night’s proceedings got underway a bit later than expected, but no one seemed to notice as the Ambiance of 100’s Sports Bar, the venue for the RDX Album Showcase was Spectacular. Entry to the event was also spot on. Press passes were provided as soon as Media Representatives were identified, folders with the night’s program, a press kit which included a copy of the Album (CD) and the duo’s Biography was provided.

The Guest Speaker Dr. Christopher Tufton, the Minister of Health also arrived early and mingled with the mixed crowd of Dancehall Artistes, media and Enthusiasts.
ZJ Rush lived up to his hype by keeping the music flowing and enhanced mellow mood.

Apt.19 Representative Tamiko Parked was introduced by the ever lively and vivacious ZJ Sparks who gave her Personal Endorsement of the Group RDX, speaking of when she first met them at RJR 10 years ago.
Guest Speaker, Dr. Tufton expounded on the brilliance of the Duo and spoke to sharing Studio Time with them whilst working on a Ministry of Health initiative “Jamaica Move .“ He celebrated their wit and spontaneity as well as the creative genus they exuded as he saw no pen or paper as they spouted lyrics in creating the song for the project.

The show got off with a BANG. Natasha Stream sang her way to the heart of the roomful gathered for this event.
Renegade’s commanding stage presence and big voice was in evidence as he started the night’s performance to be joined by the enigmatic Delomar. The two rocked the venue with songs from “Level Up” the Album being showcased.

A crowd favorite “Never Ever” which was introduced as an inspiration by a “devil Baby mother” to the chuckling crowds approval. The story introducing this song speaks to how positive these Artistes are. Delomar hinted that from his bad experience he was able to right a good song with the support of his brother. 4:20 was another crowd favorite. After a 10 minutes RDX were joined on stage by Kalado and other Artistes who were specially invited.

Overall, RDX’s album launch was a complete success and we look forward to hearing the favorable responses from “Level Up!”

Natalya S

November 30th, 2017

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