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Meek Mill Rallies for Criminal Justice Reform in ‘New York!

Meek Mill Rallies for Criminal Justice Reform in ‘New York!

A motorcycle wheelie in New York City found the Philly rapper in violation of his probation in the eyes of Judge Genece Brinkley, who sentenced him to two to four years behind bars back in October 2017. After petitioning for his freedom, Meek was finally granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court nearly six months later, in April.

Since his release, the Dreamchasers artist has made sure to use his platform as a voice for the voiceless and help shine a light on the injustices he endured in the prison industrial complex. “I know I’m the exception to the rule — a lucky one. It’s clearer than ever that a disproportionate number of men and women of color are treated unfairly by a broken criminal justice system,” he wrote.

The 31-year-old went on to make a few recommendations that he believes would be beneficial for previous offenders. “They should introduce legislation that allows people on probation to earn a reduction in probation time for good behavior so that entire swaths of people aren’t spending the majority of their adult lives on probation as I did,” Meek continued.

Mill has decided to view his case in a different light, seeing himself as a vessel for change going forward. “I am choosing to see my situation in a different light, to see that I’m incredibly fortunate. A higher power has put me in a position to help fix this — to help clean up this persistent stain on our society,” the Philadelphia native concluded his candid essay.


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November 28th, 2018

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