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The Bustamante Hospital For Children – The Cause

The Bustamante Hospital for Children represents a tremendous opportunity to help preserve the lives of children. The hospital is not just the only paediatric hospital the English speaking Caribbean, but here in Jamaica, it’s the only paediatric hospital which offers specialized health services for children. The other hospital, which provides specialised paediatric services but is not dedicated solely to the treatment and care of children, is the University Hospital of the West Indies. This hospital has only three wards for the provision of paediatric health care and medical services. As a result of a lack of suitable facilities available for the treatment of children, Bustamante’s resources, both human and capital are maximized to the limit.

Dr. Ennis, Consultant Anaesthetist and Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Bustamante Children’s Hospital, cites the tremendous shortage in a critical mass of staffing and medical equipment at the hospital, as one of the major challenges the facility continues to face. Consequently, the delivery of safe, timely and effective treatment of the critically ill is often a difficult task.

Human resource limitations at the institution mean that medical equipment is even more vital for the preservation of lives. However, Bustamante does not possess the minimum quantities of medical equipment necessary for the optimal functioning of the hospital and particularly for neo natal intensive care (the care of premature babies). Ventilation is a major part of treatment in the intensive care unit as breathing problems are the most common issue for premature babies. Currently, the hospital has only two ventilators, both of which were donated by Shaggy in 2001. Also woefully inadequate are the numbers of incubators, vital signs monitors and volumetric pumps (used to transmit fluids and medication intravenously to babies).

Although Shaggy has made significant contributions to the hospital; The donation of 2 specialized ventilators, an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine (used to monitor brain activity in epileptics and seizure sufferers as well as those young patients with brain tumors) a table top sterilizing machine, funds to upgrade of the medical oxygen system and other numerous donations over the years; the Bustamante Hospital for Children is still in desperate need of assistance.