Did Shaun King Pull a Dolezal?

Did Shaun King Pull a Dolezal?

35-year-old Shaun King a writer, author and one of the key components in the black lives matter movement, who in numerous interviews purported to be a biracial and a victim of hate crime while in high school, has been called out for being white.

Shaun King stated previously he was born to a black dad and a white Irish mother but some news websites are now claiming that that is a lie, as his birth certificate and a police report of the aforementioned attack have shown otherwise, stating instead that both of King’s parents are in fact white.

King tweeted in reply to the accusations by saying ‘Out of LOVE for my family, I’ve never gone public with my racial story because it’s hurtful, scandalous, and it’s MY STORY.’ King is also a recipient of an Oprah scholarship to Morehouse College which is intended for black American males.


August 19th, 2015

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