DJ Ephieum – Koffee Disc Jock

DJ Ephieum – Koffee Disc Jock
I was born in the 1970’s and had been messing around my mother’s radio for years to come before she thought I was going to be a singer. The feel for music took me to church where I became the male lead vocalist for the junior choir. In 1986 my friends and I started a sound system in Westmoreland Jamaica called Stereo Phonic. The irony is that we actually were using a Walkman, stereo and cassettes to play the music at all the house parties on the housing scheme.
While at college in the 1990’s, engaged in sound clashes with my tape recorder playing the best of Stone Love cassettes. In 2006, my closest friend and I started a musical movement now called Flite Zone Music and that’s where I learnt how to play music. The journey allowed me to understand bars, bpm and the finer art of musical transition. I have enjoyed playing across the USA and Jamaica along with the biggest names and artist in reggae and dancehall music and rocked crowds in excess of 7,000. I joined the Koffee Radio team in 2015 and the journey has been great. My favorite genre to listen and play is music of the 1990’s and prior.
If at this stage you do not sense that music and I have a love for each other, then read the bio again.
DJ Ephieum.

DJ Ephieum is on air Saturdays 5 – 7pm(EST) inside the Overdose Saturdays

He comes to us from the Flite Zone Family.